Master the Moisture

High-end Protection Sealers.

What we do

INCRA designs and produces liquid and cream products to protect all kind of mineral substrates, like masonry, concrete, natural stone, render and so on. They are  generally damp-open, water repellent and/or oil- and stain-repellent. INCRA impregnation agents are distinctive and extraordinary in their functioning due to the in-house R&D. We go down to a raw material level to compose products with the best properties. One of our specialisations comprises the preparation of creams and gels.

For the precast concrete industry we manufacture release agents on client specification. These are emulsions based on renewable vegetable oils and for that reason, very sustainable.

What we make

Our water repellents are specifically designed to protect mineral facades against the influences of the weather. Some products also contain anti-soiling properties. They are all designed and produced by INCRA and unique in their functioning. A significant portfolio is available.

INCRA has decades of experience across the concrete industry. Accordingly, we developed exceptionally good densifiers that harden and seal concrete floors though at the same time consist of damp-open and water- / oil-repellent properties. These products are very special in their kind.

A special group of INCRA products are that of the damp proofers, there to avoid rising moisture in basement walls. From traditional silicates and pressure-injection silane/siloxane-emulsions to injecting gels, we developed them all from scratch to get the best performances.

INCRA easy-to-clean agents are super hydrophobic as well as oleophobic. To attain an agent that is both water- and oil-repellent at the same time is extremely complicated to realise. Therefore, these agents are very innovative liquids. They are usable on all kind of substrates; glass, textile, leather, wood, stone, design concrete and so on.

INCRARELEASE is a group of very special release agents for effortless demoulding of precast concrete. This group of products are emulsions composed of vegetable oils emulsified in water and are designed based on client specifications.

INCRA additives are special surfactant blends and catalysts designed to improve the production and the properties of polyurethane foam. INCRA defoamers are used in the biogas and pulp industry.

What we sell

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